Larry and AshleyThis past Saturday I received a call from my son Larry, who presently serves as one of our youth pastors at Lancaster Baptist Church. He had received a call from his doctor indicating the need for emergency surgery. A few hours later, we sat with Ashley, Larry’s wife, as the doctors removed a malignant tumor from his body. Larry came through surgery and is presently recovering, but the coming weeks will be critical.

We are praying, and asking you to pray, that the cancer was localized to the tumor and that further tests will reveal that no further surgeries or treatments will be necessary.

Larry is a godly young man with a strong faith. Watching him bear this news and trust the Lord through it has taught me much. We know that the Lord is in control, and we continue to trust His guiding hand. Surely, “He knoweth the way that I take…” (Job. 23:10).

Your prayers for Larry and Ashley and for our entire family are much appreciated.

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