Camden MatthewYesterday our family welcomed little Camden Matthew Mordh into the world, and I became a grandpa. How thrilled we are to have this precious little life added to our family!

As I waited in the waiting room for Camden to be born, I thought back to the evening that Peter and Danielle announced that they were expecting a baby.  We were thrilled, and we could hardly wait for today. This little boy has no idea how much anticipation and preparation has preceded his arrival!

As I held my grandson a few hours later, I thought of the wonder and joy of a new birth. All the preparation, all the waiting, all the suppressed excitement is nothing compared to the joy of welcoming a newborn.

New birth—physical and spiritual—is an incredible gift from God. And God has given us the privilege of telling the world how they can be “born again” through faith in Jesus Christ. I’m reminded today that whatever energy we must expend, whatever patience we must exercise, whatever resoureces we must give in order to see people saved is nothing compared to the privilege of aiding in spiritual delivery.

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