Closeup of a happy senior couple looking at cameraThe home, specifically marriage, is under attack like at no other time in history. A good marriage requires continuous attention, and constant personal growth. We husbands must constantly work to be the best husband we can possibly be. Here are five quick ways to be a better husband:

1. Express appreciation and affirmation regularly.

Establish a personal habit of filling her heart with positive and encouraging communications.

2. Encourage her individual interests.

Applaud her giftedness, and find ways for her to develop and use her gifts for God.

3. Encourage her potential for God.

The enemy condemns constantly. Find ways to remind your wife that she has great potential for ministry and for making a difference.

4. Don’t ignore mood changes.

Often these are the warning signs of a deeper physical problem or spiritual attack. Go to these needs and lead her through them.

5. Take time outs.

Regularly schedule time away together. As a pastor, I’ve found that quality time must often be claimed “out of town.” Take your wife away several times a year for a get-away, a family vacation, or just a long evening out.

Terrie and I have enjoyed over twenty-eight years of marriage, and every day I’m more thankful for a wife who so joyfully and fully supports me and serves with me in the church. I want to be a better husband to her every day!

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