There is no greater miracle found in Scriptures than the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This event was the pinnacle event of all time and history. It is His resurrection alone that offers true hope and separates Christianity from all other world religions.

After the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Act 1:3 records, “he shewed himself alive after his passion by many infallible proofs.” He are a few of the eyewitness accounts given in Scripture:

  • To Mary Magdalene Jn 20:14-18;Mk 16:9
  • To the women returning from the tomb Mt 28:8-10
  • To Peter later in the day Lk 24:34; 1 Cor 15:5
  • To the disciples going to Emmaus in the evening Lk 24:13-31
  • To the apostles (except Thomas) Lk 24:36-45; Jn 20-19-24
  • To the apostles a week later (Thomas present) Jn 20:24-29
  • In Galilee to the seven by the Lake of Tiberias Jn 21:1-23
  • In Galilee on a mountain to the apostles and 500 believers 1 Cor 15:6
  • At Jerusalem and Bethany again to James 1 Cor 15:7
  • At Olivet and the ascension Acts 1:3-12
  • To Paul near Damascus Acts 9:3-6; 1 Cor 15:8
  • To Stephen outside Jerusalem Acts 7:55
  • To Paul in the temple Acts 22:17-21; 23:11
  • To John on Patmos Rev 1:10-19

Based on the promise of God and the record given in His Word, we know that Jesus Christ is alive.  He literally conquered death and the grave.

Now, this awesome miracle is our greatest message. Two thousand years later, in the midst of spiritual and economic decline, we still have hope in the risen Jesus Christ.

Every year on Easter weekend, our church family presents the Gospel of Christ to our community through our resurrection musical and celebration services.  To watch these services live, visit

May God bless you as you celebrate the resurrection of His Son.

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