One of the greatest blessings of recent days has been watching young couples, many of whom were once children of Lancaster Baptist, now raising a families of their own.  I am thankful that in the nearly 23 years that I have pastored, the vast majority of young people who have grown up in our church are still faithful to the Lord.  The biblical foundation they received from Sunday school teachers, youth pastors, and godly mentors has given them stability, maturity, and the ability to follow God’s plan for their lives.

Observing the young families at Lancaster Baptist Church has reminded me how quickly our children grow. As my wife and I departed for our annual Couples Retreat this past Friday, we realized that we would have three married children attending, as well! It is still hard for us to imagine!

As I reflect on the memories or our own children and the young people of our church who are now grown, one truth remains certain in my mind: we do not regret the investments we make into the next generation. Whether we make a difference for our own children or for the children in our church and community, the investments made will reap great dividends as we stay faithful to the Lord.

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