Purpose StatementYears ago when our kids were elementary age, Terrie and I planned a day to get away in order to articulate the purpose of our family.

After much prayer and Scripture reading, I took out a blank sheet of stationary and wrote these words:

The mission of our family is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ through obedience to His written Word, and by edifying and exhorting one another as we grow to understand our diverse yet compatible personalities.

After each of the children had read the new mission statement for our family, we each signed the bottom to pledge our commitment to live in accordance to it. Terrie and I often look back and remember that day as one of our most precious family memories.

Each day as I leave our house, I walk past our written purpose statement. While we are by no means a perfect family, I am thankful that we have done our best to glorify God and edify each other.

Although a written purpose statement is not necessarily a requirement for glorifying God as a family, raising a Christian family to honor God doesn’t happen on accident. It must take purpose and commitment.

This Sunday, I am looking forward to bringing a message on the family. While culture defies Scriptural principles on the home, God’s Word is still the answer for happy marriages and healthy homes. May we faithfully seek His Word this year for guidance and direction for our families.

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