InaugurationFour years ago, Terrie and I had the privilege of joining a delegation from California for the inauguration of President George W. Bush. As we met in the morning at Congressman Dreier’s office, you could feel the anticipation for the events of the day.

Truly, America is filled with anticipation on this inauguration morning. Today we celebrate the strength of our democracy and the peaceful transition of power to the 44th President of the United States. When the son of an African immigrant can be elected to lead the most powerful land in the world, we are reminded that America is a land of great opportunity.

It is true that many Christians around the country have concern in their hearts for potential new policies and laws which may be introduced; however, it is our duty and privilege, according to Romans 13, to pray for God’s blessing upon our nation.

Please pray for Barack Obama and his family in the days ahead.  As he feels this new weight of responsibility, pray that God will grant our President wisdom to lead our nation.

Click here to see Pastor Chappell’s comments on ABC’s World News Report regarding Bishop Robinson’s prayer at the Barack Obama inaugural celebration.

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