Christmas and Kristine were the two main thoughts Terrie and I had on our minds as we spent the day together yesterday.  Terrie grabbed her purse and a bundle of coupons, and we jumped in the car early to get a head start on the shopping.  We stopped at McDonalds for our morning breakfast and drove through our beautiful desert to the shopping area.  We purchased a few Christmas presents and began obtaining items for Kristine’s wedding.

Kristine is our third child and has always had such a joyful spirit in serving the Lord.  It is hard for Terrie and I to believe it has been twenty-two years since God gave her to us and in a short week, I will place her hand into the hand of her fiancé, Jon Sisson at her wedding ceremony.

trainYesterday was the day to purchase everything from garland to rice, candles and a few items for the many meals surrounding the events of next week.  We enjoyed our drive and fellowship on the trip home, as we listened to Christmas music in the car.  After arriving at home and unloading the car, our son, Matthew, came in from work.  Matt and I had the joy of spending time putting the train tracks together and getting the train under the Christmas tree.  This is one of our traditions together.

Our family has grown up much too quickly.  It seems I am understanding more and more the words of pastors gone before me who have said, “Make your family your first priority in ministry.”  Although I look back and see times when I could have done much better, I am thankful for our children and the progress they are making.  I am especially thankful at this time of the year for Kristine and God’s blessings upon her life.

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