The information age has brought with it a world of great possibilities, as well as a host of potential problems to the ministry and to the lives of individual people.  As a pastor, I have seen firsthand many lives ruined because of something said or done on the internet.

Recently, I came across an article written in the Readers Digest regarding online rumors:

“Smear someone in a traditional media outlet, like a newspaper or a talk show, and you can end up in court. But the law that Congress passed in 1996 establishing basic Internet regulations prevents website hosts from being held responsible for what outsiders post on their sites. In other words, the law says that the kind of defamation that would get the New York Times sued is fair game on JuicyCampus.

“In June 2007, two women filed a federal defamation lawsuit against the dozens of anonymous AutoAdmit users who made comments about them. By subpoenaing Internet service providers, the women have acquired some of the users’ names; last August they named one publicly and are threatening to out more.

“Maybe more cases like this one will make cowardly creeps attacking people from behind their keyboards think twice, lest they see their own reputations ruined in the end. ”

Click here to read the full article.

In an age when people use resources like the internet to spread gossip and lies, may we choose to use these resources to promote the truth of God’s Word. And in doing so, commit to avoid the traps of online gossip and sin.

May the Lord give you wisdom and discernment in this information age and may you use that wisdom for His honor and glory!

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