Every summer, I strive to read as many books as possible. It is imperative to constantly be growing and developing in a spiritual walk with Christ, and I believe godly books can certainly help in that endeavor. It is a personal goal of mine to glean from good books in the summer months, and I encourage our staff and church members to do the same. I recently took to time to compile a list of recommended reading material. While we cannot endorse every word or concept in the books on this list, they have been generally helpful in my life and ministry.

Bibliology / Doctrine
A More Sure Word Ouellette Striving Together
Basic Bible
Zuck Victor
Dispensationalism Ryrie Moody Press
From God to Us Geisler Moody Press
The DaVinci
Lutzer Living Books
The King James
Version Defended
Hills Christian Research
Which Bible? Fuller Institute for Biblical Textual Studies
Touch Not the
Unclean Thing
Autobiography of Chales G. Finney Finney Bethany House Publishers
An American Life: The Autobiography Reagan Simon & Schuster
David Livingstone Seaver Harper
John R. Rice:
Captain of our
Rice Walden
The Autobiography of C.H. Spurgeon Spurgeon Banner of Truth
The Autobiography of a Missionary Taylor
The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt Morris Random House
Through Sunshine
and Shadow
Sword of the Lord
Tom Malone: The Preacher from Pontiac Vick Sword of the Lord
William Carey: Obliged to Go Benge YWAM Publishing
Christian Counseling
The Spirit-Controlled Temperament LaHaye Tyndale
The Christian Counselor’s Manual J. Adams Zondervan
Contemporary Theology
Grace Gone Wild Jeffress Waterbrook Press
Kingdom of the Cults Martin Baker Publishing Group
Set Apart Hughes Crossway Books
The Tragedy of Compromise Pickering BJU Press
Why I Left the
Contemporary Christian
Music Movemnet
Lucarini Evangelical Press
Repentance and the 21st Century Man Miller Christian Literature
Revival Lloyd-Jones Crossway Books
Christian Growth
Living in an
Imperfect World
Ouellette Striving Together
Changed Into
His Image
Berg BJU Press
The Purity Principle Alcorn Random House
The Incredible Power of Kingdom Authority Rogers Broadman/Holman Publishers
Christian Living
in the Home
Adams Baker Book House
Family Life Swindoll Multnomah Press
Firm Foundataion Chappell Striving Together
God in Your Family Rice Sword of the Lord
King Me Farrar Moody
Shepherding a
Child’s Heart
Tripp Shepherd Press
The Total Money
Ramsey Thomas Nelson
360 Degree Leader Maxwell Nelson
Execution: The
Discipline of Getting
Things Done
Bossidy Crown Business
Getting Things Done Allen Penguin Books
Good to Great Collins Random House
In Search
of Excellence
Peter Waterman Warner Books
Your Iceburg
is Melting
Kotter St. Martin’s Press
The Effective
Drucker Harper/Collins Publishers
The Five
Dysfunctions of a
Lencioni Jossey-Bass
The Measure
of a Man
Getz Regal Books
A Strategy to Start
Churches on the
Missions Field
Christian Mission Cook Moody Press
Sending Forth Laborers Tomlinson/
Striving Together
Starting a Church
on the Mission
Understanding Christian Missions Kane Baker Books
Pastoral Leadership
Guidebook for
Criswell Broadman
God isn’t in a Hurry Wiersbe Baker Books
Guided By Grace Chappell Striving Together
Less Is More Leadership Burke Harvest House
Pastors At Risk London/
Victor Books
Shepherding the Church Stowell Moody Press
The Heart of a Great Pastor London Regal Books
The Integrity Crisis Wiersbe Oliver Nelson
The Vanishing Ministry Kroll Kregel Publishing
They Call Me Pastor London Regal Books
Lectures to My Students Spurgeon Baker Book Press
Preaching for Preachers Jones Zondervan
The Apostles Malone Sword of the Lord
The Church Malone Sword of the Lord
Thirty Minutes to
Raise the Dead
Called to Be God’s
Leaders – Joshua
Blackaby Thomas Nelson
Heartbeats of
the Holy
Leading with
Smith Bethany House Publishers
Disciple Making
Hull Baker Books
Pastoral Leadership Weirsbe Moody Press
How to Pray Bounds Barbour Publishing
Prayer Rice Sword of the Lord
The Pastor in Prayer Spurgeon Whitaker House
A Woman Rides the Beast Hunt Harvest House Publishers
Guinness Baker Books

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