open-house002The fall months are perhaps my favorite time of year at Lancaster Baptist Church. The weather is changing, school is well underway, and the festivities of Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner.  Most importantly, however, this time of year reminds me of the harvest of souls in our community and around the world.

This past weekend, Lancaster Baptist held its annual Open House Sunday. During the week leading up to the Open House, our church family had the privilege of knocking on every door in the Antelope Valley with a Gospel tract and friendly invitation to church.  Last Saturday morning, we gathered together for our final day of soulwinning before our Open House Sunday. It was a thrill for me to see over 1,500 soulwinners prepared to go and compel others with the Gospel of Christ.

To God’s glory, we were able to knock on nearly 85,000 doors and see over 170 people accept Christ as their Saviour during this week of outreach. I am thankful for a church family who follows God in obedience and who goes “publicly and from house to house,” as is modeled in Acts 20:20.

open-house00501When Sunday came, we were already anticipating that God would do a great work in our midst.  As I brought a salvation message during both services, it was wonderful to see God at work in the hearts of those in attendance as the altars were filled with people responding to His gift of salvation. We praise the Lord for the 130 people who accepted Christ as their Saviour.

As we thanked the Lord for the miracles of the day, I told our church family on Sunday night that the true victory in the Christian life is obedience to God. As we respond in obedience to God’s Word and as we are faithful to do what He has called us to do, He will mightily bless.

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