I was first asked to serve as a speaker at the National Sword of the Lord Conference by my dear friend, Dr. Curtis Hutson.  Dr. Hutson was called home to be with the Lord thirteen years ago and I have missed him greatly ever since.  I will never forget hearing Dr. Hutson sing “I’m on the Winning Side” in one of his final preaching services at the Northside Baptist Church in North Carolina.

Last night I had the privilege, once again, to speak at the Sword Conference.  I appreciated the hospitality of Dr. Bobby Roberson and his wonderful church.  I did my best to encourage those in attendance to faithfully follow our Saviour during this present day.  We truly need a revival in our land and a return to the old time religion espoused by Dr. John R. Rice, the founder of the Sword of the Lord, and those who have walked in his steps.

Please pray for God’s servants today who faithfully preach His Word.

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