flagThis past Friday, as we celebrated the Fourth of July, I spent time thanking God for our freedoms as a nation. Although, at times it is disheartening to think where our country is headed, I am still thankful for the freedoms we enjoy and for those who paid for them with their lives.

I began my day by golfing with several of our church members at Edwards Air Force Base. Needless to say, for me personally, the fellowship was better than the golf!

After playing a round of golf, our family gathered together for an afternoon barbeque. We had a great time of relaxation and fun. I try to do my best to take advantage of each opportunity the Lord gives me to spend time with them.

Friday evening, our family met up with our friends, Rex and Carrol Parris. Rex was recently elected mayor of the city of Lancaster. After enjoying some pie and ice cream, we headed to the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds where we watched a spectacular fireworks display. I was amazed by the thousands of residents who gathered together for the patriotic celebration.

God has blessed America, but let us remember that America is only great because America is good. Please remember to pray for our country daily, and then do your part to take a stand for what is right in your community.

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