Over the last several months I have spent a good amount of time in the evening and early morning hours working on my new book entitled The Spiritual Leader.

The Spiritual Leader
is a guidebook for pastors and Christian leaders as they lead God’s people. There are six sections to this book:

The Spiritual Leader’s Heart
The Spiritual Leader’s Ministry
The Spiritual Leader’s Pulpit
The Spiritual Leader’s Team
The Spiritual Leader’s Trials
The Spiritual Leader’s Triumphs

In many ways, this book is the culmination of the principles God has taught me through His Word, through years of reading, and through years of leading. It is my earnest prayer that God will use this book to be of help in the lives of the leaders here at Lancaster Baptist Church, West Coast Baptist College and, should He allow, throughout our country.

Here are a few chapter titles to show you the direction of the book:

The Spirit-filled Leader
The Servant Leader
The Spiritual Leader’s Friends
The Spiritual Leader’s Priorities
The Overseeing Leader
The Administrative Leader
Leading Through Different Stages of Growth
Overcoming Barriers in Ministry
Leading a Biblical Church Service
The Spiritual Leader’s Music Ministry
The Spiritual Leader and His Wife
The Spiritual Leader and His Children
The Spiritual Leader’s Staff
The Spiritual Leader’s Motivator
Leading Through Crises
Leading by Intervening
And many more…

Spiritual leadership is a life-long journey and all of us, to some extent, have the privilege of leading and influencing others for good and for God. We will formally introduce the book at this year’s Spiritual Leadership Conference and we are taking early orders through our website at www.strivingtogether.com.

Please pray that God will bless this book and that it will be used to encourage others for His glory!

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