Last weekend I had the privilege of celebrating Father’s Day with my family and church family here in Lancaster. The Lord truly blessed in our services as I preached on the subject “Consider His Lordship.” It was a blessing to see many fathers determining to follow the Lord as committed disciples of Jesus Christ. Additionally, there were a number of people who accepted Christ as Saviour at both morning services.

After the service, I had the joy of having lunch with my family. My wife is always such a blessing when it comes to creating family memories and remembering each special day. It was a blessing to have Danielle and Peter with us. Peter has been preaching in various churches as a representative of the college this summer, and they are now home for the next several weeks. Larry and Ashley are beginning their second year of marriage and it was a great joy to have Larry (our oldest son) preach in the evening service as a part of our Father’s Day.

Our daughter Kristine who just graduated from West Coast Baptist College, will be teaching in the junior high of Lancaster Baptist School this next year. She and her boyfriend Jon were so kind in their words to me as a father, and it has been a blessing to see God working in their relationship.

Our youngest son Matthew has been growing in the Lord this summer, and will be a sophomore this year at West Coast Baptist College. This week he will be helping Brother Schmidt and our son Larry at teen camp. His friend Katie was here visiting for the weekend from Washington state.

As life continues to go by, one realizes with even more emphasis the importance of fatherhood. I thank God for the wisdom He gave me in the early years in many areas. Yet I pray that God will help me be the right father for the rest of my life, that I may have the right influence on the heritage with which He has chosen to bless me.

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