yc-2008In these times of rampant, flagrant wickedness in today’s youth, I am thankful for teens who have decided to take a stand for God no matter the cost.

This past week, teens from across the country gathered together for the annual West Coast Baptist College Youth Conference. During these three days, these teens were challenged to live their lives in a way that is pleasing to God.

As a part of the conference, these teens enjoyed hilarious skit videos, a biblical drama, a day at Six Flags Magic Mountain, and most importantly, the preaching of the Word of God.

yc-messageFor the final message, the Lord impressed upon my heart to bring a message entitled “Three Days Journey” based out of Exodus 5:1-4. In this passage we see that just as God wanted His people to go and separate from Egypt, God desires for us to hear and obey His call upon our lives.

I. The Call of the Lord vs. 5:1-3
A. A Call to Separation
B. A Call to Service

II. The Compromises of the World

A. Compromise One: Stay in the World Ex 5:2
B. Compromise Two: It’s Your Parent’s Religion Ex 10:8-11
C. Compromise Three: Don’t Sell Out Ex 10:24

III. The Courage of Moses
A. Courage to Believe
1. God’s Commandments Ex 10:24-25
2. God’s Protection Ex 14:13-14
B. Courage to Trust Ex 14:21-28

At the end of the final message, hundreds came to surrender their lives to the Lord, and many others were saved. Pray for these teens. In the next few weeks, I am sure that the devil will fight them and the decisions they made for the Lord.

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