This past Wednesday afternoon, I received an unexpected visit from a dear Korean family. Mr. Kim had just finished teaching a one-year course at Cornell University. Now, as his family began to travel back to Seoul, their last stop was Lancaster Baptist Church.

As I met with Mr. Kim and his family, they told me of how they have watched our ministry from afar and couldn’t think of visiting the United States without visiting our campus.

Having spent my teen years on the mission field of Korea, I have a special love for Korean people, their culture, and of course, their food!

A few minutes into our meeting, the conversation turned to spiritual matters. Mr. Kim began to tell me of his concern for their oldest daughter who was also sitting in my office. He said that after spending a year in the states, the Western Culture had made a negative impact on her. He continued to say how that he had seen no evidence of spiritual fruit in her life.

As I turned to his daughter Hanbee, she told me that she could not remember a time when she had truly accepted Christ as her Saviour. In the next few moments, I was able to open the Bible and lead Hanbee to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ!

Praise God that His Word never returns void! This was undoubtedly a divine appointment from God. May we each be yielded vessels, ready to share the good news of the Gospel of Christ.

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