Terrie and I enjoyed the opportunity to join several hundred couples at the Ventura Beach Marriott this past weekend. Our guest speakers this year were Bro. John Wilkerson and Bro. John Bishop. Both men brought great wisdom and biblical counsel during each of their sessions.

Bro. John Bishop is a man who has come through the an incredible trial. Nearly twelve years ago, he was stricken with spinal meningitis. This near-death experience left him without memory from that point on.

From that time, his wife began to minister to him in an amazing, and biblical way. She literally had to teach him how to speak, read, and write all over again.

Bro. Bishop’s medical difficulties are still very evident. About six months ago, due to severe migraine headaches, Bro. Bishop lost his eyesight.

Yet through every trial, Bro. Bishop preaches the goodness of God. I’m thankful for his friendship and amazing testimony.

Please to continue to pray for him and his wife. Pray that God will restore his sight and lessen the frequency of his migraine headaches.

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