Today at 1:00 pm, along with our pastoral staff, I went out into our community to knock on doors and invite people to Lancaster Baptist Church. For over twenty-one years it has been our custom to stay actively involved in going out and talking to people in the community. The first word of the great commission, of course, is “go,” and I believe it is vital that we stay on the go with the Gospel.

Although it is often difficult to break away from the busy schedule of life and ministry, it is always rewarding to go out and talk to others about the Lord. Oftentimes, I will not have the opportunity to see someone accept Christ as Saviour right at the door, but inevitably the Lord blesses the labor and sends folks to Lancaster Baptist who are saved and become a part of the church. Today I shared the Gospel with a Spanish man who has promised to be in church this Sunday. I am praying that he will be there!

May God help each of us today be conscious of those around us who are in need of a Saviour!

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