huckabee1For the last several weeks I have wanted to take a moment to jot a note and ask you to pray for America. I recognize there are many people who resent the involvement of Christians in the political landscape; however, I believe Christians need to be involved—now more than ever—speaking the truth in love.

I was greatly disappointed last month when two Christian organizations on the East coast—one a renowned university and the other a television ministry—prematurely endorsed Republican candidates. It was difficult for me to comprehend why a Christian university would endorse a Mormon candidate, and why a charismatic TV network would endorse Rudy Giuliani who, in the past, has endorsed same-sex marriage.

I recognize there could come a time in this political season when we must choose “the lesser of two evils,” but I do not understand making such endorsements while there are still a few better options in the field. Simply, by principle we should wait before we make such statements.

huckabee2I am certainly not an expert on politics, nor am I an expert on Mike Huckabee; however, I have sensed in my readings that Mr. Huckabee is a committed Christian who stands for the rights of unborn children and the sanctity of the family. Only God knows what will become of his political career, but whenever a man of his convictions is standing in the gap, he is indeed worthy of the prayers of biblically-minded Christians.

Friend, let us pray for America and let us remember that America is only great because America is good.

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