Steve Amerson and Cary Schmidt

Verse One
Souls on the street addicted to sin
Selling themselves to survive
Not understanding the hope they could find
In a place where God’s love is alive
They doubt that they could meet the standards necessary
And fear they’ll find judgement rather than a sanctuary

This must be a place where a broken heart can mend
This must be a place where an outcast finds a friend
For we cannot lift the fallen
If our hands are holding stones
And their sin that seems so great to us
Is no greater than our own
There must come a point where shame meets grace
And this must be the place

Verse Two
The neighbor next door keeps the house looking good
But the home is collapsing within
Pressures of life tear a family apart
And temptations destruction begins
They doubt the church could have the answers necessary
And fear they’ll find rejection rather than a sanctuary

This church must be the arms of God reaching out to bring them in
To a place where they can find God’s love regardless of their sin

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