alumni-game2Last week we conducted the West Coast Baptist College Days here on our campus. It is always a blessing to have young people visit us and consider attending West Coast Baptist College in the future. A strong number of the visiting seniors registered to begin their college days with us in the fall.

I had the privilege to preach to the students on Friday morning and on Friday evening I was able to attend the alumni basketball game. This is the only game during the year when I am actually able to root for both sides!

Our alumni team was comprised of young men who are all serving the Lord in the ministries of other independent Baptist churches. Tears came to my eyes when I saw them here on the campus playing together once again.

Our 2007-2008 college basketball team is comprised of a great group of young men who truly have an “iron-sharpening-iron” effect amongst themselves. These young men want to serve the Lord and obviously enjoy playing basketball.

The alumni, led by twenty-seven points from Josh Beeson, held the basketball team to a tie at the first half, but finally the 2007-2008 Eagles won the game!

alumni-game41After the game, I had all of the young men go to the centercourt for a word of prayer. I reminded the current students that they are just a few months and years away from being out in the ministry themselves. Please pray for these young people as they serve the Lord.

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