In our twenty-one years at Lancaster Baptist Church we have been in a constant state of building. The largest building on our campus, both in size and in cost, is currently being built.

The Young Adult Educational Building is a building dedicated to the faith of Jesus Christ. This building will be the training ground for college students who will become grounded in the faith and prepared for lives of ministry.

One of the dreaded terms in a building program is the term “change order.” Change orders are the result of architectural error, customer request, or in some cases, a fire department regulation. Whatever the cause of the change order, there is always a cost associated with it!


First Ground Breaking

During building programs, I am always thankful for two attributes of my God. First, I thank God for His faithfulness, for with Him there are no change orders!

Secondly, I thank God for His sovereignty. Even though I experience many challenges to my faith and many obstacles during a building program, I always find rest in the fact that God saw them before I ever knew of them and that He has already prepared a way for me to have victory.

I would ask you to take a moment to pray for this project today. Pray that God will provide the finances and that He will provide wisdom as we develop this great building for His honor and glory.

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