grandmotherMy Grandmother Chappell, who lives in Cortez, Colorado, spent most of last month in the hospital. Due to the critical nature of her heart problems, Terrie and I drove quickly back to Colorado to spend some time with her. My grandfather went home to be with the Lord last year, and we felt we should take this opportunity while we could.

My grandparents were saved in the 1940s as the result of an American Sunday School Union missionary who went from farm to farm in Southwest Colorado.

As a lay preacher, my grandfather established two churches. One of those churches is in the Mormon town of Moab, Utah, and is a thriving, Gospel-preaching church to this day.

My grandmother has hosted literally thousands of people in her home and has been a faithful soulwinner, even during these difficult days with her health.

It was a tremendous blessing for Terrie and I to hear, once again, her testimony of salvation and her desire to see the Lord at her appointed time. She reminded us of her continual prayers on our behalf and she truly rejoices in every victory here at our church in Southern California.

Her new pastor, Brother Andrew Reed, is a graduate of West Coast Baptist College. I had the privilege of preaching for Brother Reed at the Lighthouse Baptist Church on Wednesday night while we were visiting my grandmother. The church is thankful to have a young pastor who is committed to the faith and the expositional preaching of the Word of God. Terrie and I enjoyed the opportunity to encourage Andrew and Angela in their new ministry for this special church, where many of our relatives attend.

I believe some of the greatest blessings upon my life and ministry are the direct result of prayer warriors like a godly grandmother. I truly thank the Lord for her and for the time we were able to spend together!

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