Words cannot express how my heart is overflowing with joy as a result of the Twenty-first Anniversary and Spiritual Leadership Conference! I believe I feel this joy because of the great times of preaching and encouragement that were experienced by all in attendance.

Our theme, For the Faith, permeated the entire week. It was a blessing to see God’s people encouraging one another to stand for the faith in this day of compromise and uncertainty.

The Wednesday night message by Dr. David Gibbs emphasized the necessity of walking and living in the power of God. I am constantly mindful of the fact that without our Lord we can do nothing!

I always enjoy the opportunities we are given at the conference to honor special men of God who have served faithfully. This year it was a joy to remember the faithfulness of men like Dr. Wayne Hardy, Pastor Dan Hampton, Dr. Eldon Martens, Dr. Ed Johnson, and the faithful single missionary, Margaret Stringer, who served for forty years in Papua New Guinea.

One day when we are with the Lord in Heaven, it will be a great joy to sing His praises and to gather with the saints! Until then, conferences like this are truly heartwarming and helpful for our journey on this earth.

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