This upcoming Sunday Terrie and I will celebrate our 21st anniversary at Lancaster Baptist Church. As I look back at the great work that God has done through the ministry here, I am so thankful just to be a part. To the glory of God we have seen souls saved, lives changed, and miracles take place here at Lancaster Baptist.

chappell-family-1987Anniversaries are great times to make resolutions and renew our commitments. Although we have seen much accomplished for the faith in twenty-one short years, the world is moving away from truth just as quickly. And while this Sunday will be a time of reminiscing and celebrating, I stand resolved in my purpose and commitment to continue sharing the faith of the Gospel.

This past Sunday night I preached a message to our church family entitled, “Resolutions for the Faith”. Here are the main thoughts. I hope they will be a challenge to you today.

Resolutions for the Faith
Jude 3

I. Resolve to Stand in the Faith

A. The Faith is Our Foundation ~ I Corinthians 16:13
B. The Faith is Our Defense ~ I Peter 5:8-9

II. Resolve to Be Stabilized in the Faith
A. Some Will Depart ~ 1 Timothy 4:1; 1 Timothy 1:19-20
B. Some Will Drift ~ Ephesians 4:13
C. Some Will Develop ~ Colossians 2:7

III. Resolved to Strive For the Faith

A. Strive with One Spirit ~ Acts 2:46
B. Strive with One Mind ~ Joshua 1:8
C. Strive with One Goal – To Please Him! ~ 2 Timothy 2:4

Have a great day, and pray for the Spiritual Leadership Conference this week at Lancaster Baptist!

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