pastor-men-and-boys-campoutIt was a great joy to travel with seven or eight hundred men to the Sequoia National Park for our annual campout at Camp Able. For more than twenty years we have gathered, as men, in these mountains for the purpose of hearing red-hot preaching and enjoying times of prayer and fellowship together. The men enjoy shooting contests, fishing contests, hiking and a variety of other activities; but the highlight is always the preaching.

brother-ruhl-men-and-boys-campoutThis year’s preaching from Evangelist Paul Schwanke and Pastor Tim Ruhl was especially challenging and encouraging. As men, we were challenged to live by the Word of God and to stand up for the faith in this needy day.

Having just returned from our family vacation, it was a blessing for me to be reunited with the men of our church and be able to join them for this special time.

praying-men-and-boys-campoutThere is a great need in this hour for men who will lead their families, have a real walk with God, and love and support the local church. I thank God for the men who live this way in our generation!

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