matt-graduatingGraduation time! As I share these thoughts with you I must admit I’m still a bit stunned to think that our youngest child, Matthew, has now graduated from high school! I can still recall when Matt was born at the Antelope Valley Hospital nearly eighteen years ago. His name means “gift from God” and we certainly feel that way about each of our children.

Matt and his classmates were blessed to hear a fantastic message at their graduation last Friday night by Dr. David Gibbs Jr. The message dealt with having a good name.

While Terrie and I sense gratitude and even some relief to have our children moving along in life, we also sense an added responsibility to pray for them, mentor them, encourage them, and help them along the way.

Somewhere in our society there has developed a disconnection between generations of families. Perhaps this is due to sin and disappointment of various kinds. But I truly believe it is my great privilege and responsibility to continue encouraging our family in the coming years.

Matt plans to attend West Coast Baptist College this fall. Of course, we are thrilled with his decision and we covet your prayers for him as he begins preparation for a life of ministry for the Lord Jesus Christ.

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