I’ve always believed that you could never go wrong visiting a foreign mission work for a class trip. This past week my wife and I headed down to Costa Rica to be with our son Matt and his senior class on their trip. Our group was hosted by missionary Ed Bordell, a long time friend of our ministry who has done a great work for the Lord in Costa Rica.
Just after arriving in the country, we headed to the local mall to get acclimated to the culture. While in the mall, a man approached our group with the question, “What are you?” Because of the testimony of our teens, this man saw something different. Just moments later, Bro. Bordell and I were able to see another mall employee accept Christ as his Saviour. This was just one of many who accepted Christ while on this trip.
On Tuesday of our trip, we took the seniors to a “Jungle Zipline Course”. This zipline course was constructed ten stories above the jungle floor and traveled through a mile of the Costa Rican jungle. The seniors were able to talk me into participating in this activity. It actually was a very enjoyable way to see the jungle.
On Wednesday we took the senior to the Catholic Basilica in the city of Cartago. It was eye-opening to see the spiritual darkness that grips this country. While at the Basilica, the seniors were compelled to share the Gospel with nearly everyone with whom they came in contact. They were able to see four people accept Christ Wednesday afternoon.

Wednesday night presented itself with another great ministry opportunity. Our teens participated in the evening service through special music, and I was able to preach to the nearly 400 in attendance. At the end of the service, ten people came forward to accept Christ. One of the ladies who was saved was invited to attend the service by one of the Spanish members of our church.
Without a doubt, the highlights of our week were the times we spent telling others about Christ. Please pray for our senior class as their final year of school comes to an end. I look forward to what God has in store for their lives.

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