widows-brunchWhile we sometimes lament the busy schedule surrounding the Christmas holiday, we certainly have many reasons for which to rejoice and give thanks!

My wife Terrie has done a tremendous job over the years helping to maintain family traditions around Christmastime. Whether it’s making a gingerbread house with the kids or taking a drive to see Christmas lights or simply reading the Christmas story, we cherish the memories of these times as a family.

Through the ministry of the local church, the Lord has given us many wonderful Christmas traditions as well. One of our favorites has been an annual lunch with the widows of Lancaster Baptist Church. The lunch usually takes place in our home or one of the homes of our staff members and is always a special time of singing and sharing God’s Word.

widows-brunchpreviewMany of the widows of our church are some of the strongest prayer warriors in the church family. As we gathered with them this past week, our hearts were blessed to see a group of people who could have been filled with sorrow because of loneliness at this season, but instead like Anna the Prophetess of Luke chapter 2, they are faithfully serving the Lord with joy.

May this Christmas week be a week of joy and hope for each of you!

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