Beginning in the the early 1980s, civil war ravaged the country of El Salvador. When the war ended in 1992, over 75,000 people had lost their lives. Because of this conflict, most all of the American missionaries fled the country.

Since that time, God has been working.  Today, El Salvador is a ripe harvest field, and Lancaster Baptist is among the first independent Baptist churches to send forth laborers into this field.

Over the last two years, the Lord has been working in an amazing way in El Salvador. This year, the Lord directed our youth group to El Salvador for our 2008 Central America Missions Trip.

Just a few weeks ago, after much prayer, planning and saving, my eldest son, Larry along with thirty-three teens and chaperones headed for El Salvador. As soon as they arrived, they hit the ground running…literally! The Emmanual Baptist School challenged our teens to a soccer match. Needless to say, our teens played well, but came up short of a victory.

After the game had ended, Brother Joey Weaver, a WCBC graduate and missionary to El Salvador, stood before the students and preached his first message in Spanish. This was a huge milestone in his personal ministry.

After their time in Cojuetepeque, they traveled north to the city of Metapan. It was just a few months ago when a smaller group from Lancaster Baptist had hosted an evangelistic rally and, shortly thereafter, the Fundamental Baptist Church of Metapan was started. Brother Kyle Charters, a missionary sent from Lancaster Baptist, is now pastoring the work there.

During their time in Metapan, the Lord gave them many opportunities to preach the Gospel. Before their arrival, Brother Charters had arranged for our leaders to preach in the local elementary and high schools. At the end of the day, they saw over three-hundred souls accept Christ as their Saviour. After the their time in the public schools, they hosted a basketball tournament which allowed them to preach the Gospel to nearly two-hundred teens. When the invitation was given, seventeen teens accepted Christ as their Saviour.

On their last day in El Salvador, they received word that the president of El Salvador, Antonio Saca, desired to meet with the leaders of our group. As they headed toward the presidential house, none of them knew what to expect, but God had great plans in store. As they sat down with President Saca, he began to tell them of his desire to see missionaries come to his country. He went on to say that the greatest needs of his country were spiritual. At the end of this meeting, President Saca offered to facilitate any needs we may have in our efforts to preach the Gospel in his country.

From El Salvador, our group traveled to Costa Rica to spend their last two days with Brother Ed Bordell, a veteran missionary supported by Lancaster Baptist Church. In a unique way, Brother Bordell challenged our group to live for God, support missionaries, and consider God’s call on their lives. It was a pleasure for our group to be with Brother Bordell and see the great things that the Lord has allowed him to do in San Jose, Costa Rica.

We praise the Lord for this open door and look forward to seeing how God will continue to work in Central America.

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