el-salvador-tripLast week I had the privilege of traveling with about twenty members of Lancaster Baptist Church to the country of El Salvador. Through a series of events the Lord has opened unique doors for the purpose of missions and church planting there.

In recent months, two fine young couples from Lancaster Baptist Church—the Charters family and the Weaver family—have moved to Central America. The Charters are already in San Salvador and the Weavers are finishing language school in Costa Rica, planning to arrive in El Salvador soon.

We left from LAX at 3:00 am last Thursday and arrived later that morning in El Salvador. After freshening up, we went to the city of Cojutepeque, which is a neighboring city of San Salvador. It is in this city that a school has been donated for the purpose of establishing a church and Christian school. We had approximately three hundred people in the service, with a good number of people saved, after Dr. Ezekiel Salazar and I preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Brother Weaver was introduced as the pastor who will be arriving in a few months to establish the new church. Many good contacts were made in Cojutepeque.

The next morning, Dr. Salazar, Brother Dan Garlick, and I spent several hours training approximately forty Baptist pastors who have remained faithful through many trials in that country. Some of these pastors’ lives were threatened during the civil war in the 1980s. Through it all, they remained faithful and while most of the Baptist missionaries had left the country, they continued preaching the Gospel faithfully.

After spending the morning in training, we then drove to the northern city of Metapan. Several folks from our church, as well as a few from El Salvadoran churches, had spent time soulwinning and advertising the meeting a few days prior. We gathered in a house nearby the downtown gymnasium in Metapan and had a light meal and a season of prayer with our team. At 6:00 we walked to the gymnasium and God blessed in a wonderful way!

Over four hundred people gathered in this meeting. Joining us were the governor of the state of Santa Ana and the mayor of the city of Metapan. They are thrilled with what we are doing and were happy to welcome the students from West Coast Baptist College and the members from Lancaster Baptist Church. Through the door-to-door soulwinning and the preaching of the evening service, we saw more than forty people saved.

Last Sunday morning Brother Charters conducted the first service of the Fundamental Baptist Church of Metapan. Ninety-two people attended the inaugural service and eleven precious souls accepted Christ as Saviour. West Coast Baptist College student Edwin Aguirre stayed for the Sunday services and helped with translating and soulwinning. We are excited that our church and college family can support these two missionaries and we anticipate sending several more missionaries in the year ahead. Please pray for the new church in Metapan that God will bless greatly!

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